Questions That You Should Be Asking Before Leasing a Car

Some people would not know what kind of questions they need to ask the car dealer before leasing a car. So here are a few pearls of wisdom which you should be familiar with before signing a deal.

Points to remember before leasing a car:

  • You should ask the car dealer about the residual value of the vehicle you lease. Most often, the executives will let you know the car’s residual value and if not you can research it on your own, in case you are leasing from online service providers.
  • The companies provide deals which include details like how many miles you should be driving in a year or two and you may have to pay extra charges if at all you exceed the limit. So, it is wise to ask the dealer about the extras beforehand which will save you from the risk of going through a nasty shock towards the end. Online websites like provides a clear structure of every single information you should know.

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  • Many service providers may offer exclusive deals which will be quite jaw-dropping for the viewers. Some might not include service taxes and fees which will not be mentioned in the online ad you see. It’s better to post your queries to the site and get to know what the deal actually comprises of.
  • Some customers may wonder if they can actually let others use the leased car for a while. The leasing company might not know about this but the institution that does the finances will be aware of all the happenings. Some companies will allow such transfers while certain others do not accept this practise. So be sure to gain knowledge about this, ahead of time. Top-notch online companies like economy leasing do allow transferring the car for a particular period of the lease, to a different owner.