Kratom – a plant that expands to legality!

What is Kratom?

Kratom a recreational drug is extracted from the tropical, evergreen tree Mitragyna speciose within the coffee family. The tree grows up to 12-30 ft. and 15 ft. width.  This tree is found in Southeast Asia and native to Thailand. Kratom has been used as a pain reliever for a long time in several countries.

 Types of Kratom

There are many types and strains of Kratom available. For example, Bali, Borneo Red, Borneo White, Indo Red, Green Malaysian, Bali Red, Thai Red, Red Thai, Indonesian and much more.

Different strains can have separate effects, but the overall effect is to reduce stress, strain, pain and can be an anti-bacterial agent. All Plants have phytochemicals. Some studies say that Kratom or Mitragyna has a compound called mitragynine, that has some analgesic or pain relieving traits. This trait is capable of pain reduction to greater reaches.

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Legality of Kratom

Although many people in the United States are dependent on Kratom’s relieving capacity. But U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) restricts and prohibits the use of Kratom until more information of the internal chemistry of the plant is properly investigated.

Kratom is controlled in countries like Denmark, England, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Russia and much more, since without correct usage it could lead to multiple side effects.

Thus, the most important factor associated with this medicinal drug is getting it from an authentic store.

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