Best Watches Are Expensive but Comes With Great Functions

Best watches are expensive but these watches come with great function and these watches get a style statement not only this watches come ios and android. These watches are very famous for its work because the simply watches are for show but in these watches we can read text, navigate, listen to the music, set the alarm, use remainder etc these watches are easily find on online store or if you can’t get it you can got to her you can find Rolex, android, Ios, huawei watches means ever type of watches.

Many other brand and watches like

  • Luminox A 8832: in this watch you have small compass and this watch is very cool and white and green in color.
  • Casio g –shock GA 110: in this watch you find many colors like pure black and pure white and this watch tells the date and day.
  • Citizen: everyone like this watch because this watch look very awesome and this watch comes in various color
  • Casio PRE 2500t: this watch is made with stainless steel and comes with various colors and has many functions in it.


These are some watches that men like to wear and you can fine it on www.wristcritic.comhere you can find your type of watches and many other watches. Today watches are very important for everyone because everyone wears watches and is very useful also if anybody ask that what the time then you tell the time but if anyone is not having the watch then he take out his mobile and then tell the time.

Every men or women like to wear watches and its get today’s style statement and looks very cool. From these watches everything is digital and from these watches people personality looks great in society